2006 - 2010 Charger Over/Under Stinger Q.P. Stripe Kits

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2006 - 2010 Charger Over/Under Stinger Q.P. Stripe Kits

The stripe kit is pre-cut at all seams so it installs without cutting on the car. The Lettering is cutout of the base color allowing the paint color of the car to show thru the Stripe. The driver side is 4 pieces and the passenger side is 2 pieces. The pieces do not wrap around the edges, they will show body color at the splits. If you want them to wrap, please make a note that you want them solid and you can cut and wrap them yourself.

Designed from the Original Daytona lines with and added tail, similar to the '07 Super Bee Graphics. The Added Text can be custom done to create a custom one-off of your design as well. The upper part of the Text is cutout to let your car color show thru, the lower part of the text is the solid vinyl color.

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